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Our History

The Zanesville Day Nursery Association, a not-for-profit 501-C3 organization, was founded in 1915 by a joint committee of The Women’s Benevolent Society and Zanesville Welfare Organization for the purpose of caring for the children of working parents. It is managed by a Director who is responsible to a twenty (20) member Board of Directors. An annual budget is established and adherence to such is reviewed regularly by the Board and its Officers. An annual outside audit is conducted to assure sound financial management.

The program was opened in 1915 with pledges of $500 from people, churches, lodges and civic clubs. Its first sight was a home at 162 North 7th Street. The first enrollment averaged 3 - 15 children per day and little, if any, monies were collected for these services. From this humble beginning grew the present Zanesville Day Nursery Association, with an annual budget of over $350,000 and a daily enrollment of 30 - 60. It moved to its present location at 505 Linden Avenue in November 1937. The present program is annually accredited by the state and approved to provide day care as a subset to a strong educational program appropriate for each child’s age. Each child is also served two warm nutritious meals a day. It is staffed with 15 full time employees.

The fee, $75 - $105 per week for each child continues to be based on a sliding scale varied by the family’s income with working parents to qualify. After recent studies, it was found that this program was and still is the lowest priced for our area. At present, over 60% of our children’s parents are single parents.

We are very proud of our program, its mission, staff, building and our facility.