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About Us

The Zanesville Day Nursery is a not-for-profit 501-C3 organization that cares for the children of working parents. It is managed by a Director who is responsible to a twenty (20) member Board of Directors.

The program is annually accredited by the state and approved to provide day care as a subset to a strong educational program appropriate for each child’s age. Each child is served two warm nutritious meals a day.

Mission: Zanesville Day Nursery (ZDN) is to provide quality care, affordable infant, toddler, and preschool childcare programs that prepare children of working and /or student parents in the Zanesville community for academic success.

Vision: ZDN vision is to provide all children with programing and educational experiences to foster their social, emotional, and intellectual growth.

The overall goals of the Nursery are as follows:

  • Make each child's school experience a positive one.
  • Stimulate each child's thought process to bring greater understanding, awareness, and curiosity.
  • Provide an environment and activities that promote optimum physical development.
  • Encourage sharing and cooperation.
  • Encourage each child to play and work well independently and in groups.
  • Provide opportunities for self expression for each child through language, dramatics, art, music and play.
  • Help each child to recognize the rights, feelings, and property of others.
  • Encourage each child to solve problems independently.
  • Foster frequent communication between parents and teachers about each child's overall development.

The best learning activities are child-selected, open ended, and developmentally appropriate.

We are very proud of our program, its mission, staff, building and our facility.